Your Building Investment

Lawless + Mangione Architects and Engineers is devoted to the renewal and creation of buildings of value. Growing steadily from a one-person firm in 1982 to a current staff of 60 plus professionals, we offer design services that assure owners, managers and developers make the most of their building investment. Our history of working with nearly every building type means we can address all of the physical building challenges and changes that come with property ownership. That track record includes nationally landmarked residential buildings, multi-acre complexes, and institutional buildings being proposed for new uses.

Comprehensive, One Stop Service

Solid as they may seem, buildings are subject to change whether it’s system wear and tear, demands for different services, new safety and environmental regulations, or developments in new technology. As your expert in keeping properties current, our services address and anticipate all the changes that affect your property’s value. Our goal is to make sure – whatever the challenge – that your building investment is secure over the long term.

The most effective, efficient assistance will come from a firm that knows your building inside out - its strengths and more importantly its points of vulnerability. L+M is that firm. We combine the full range of architectural and engineering services, experience with most major building types, and a personal commitment to our clients’ ongoing satisfaction. Whatever the need, we can meet it – and do so economically.

As your building’s architect and engineer, we make it our business to know every aspect of your structure. That includes the trends in building systems, the latest building technology and regulations, and where the market is going whether yours is a residential, commercial, or institutional building.

Anticipating the Future

L+M thinks ahead for our clients. We know that owners and managers need to plan for their building’s physical health and performance and our services let them easily do that in several ways.

For starters, if there’s a particular project in mind, we conduct a feasibility study which outlines the need, the solution, and what’s required to implement the solution as well as the effect on operations, and finally the cost.

We also conduct building condition reports and energy audits that let you anticipate what will need fixing, fine tuning, or an upgrade in the coming years. They include a schedule for the required work and outline the costs involved.

We will also assist in building repositioning to reflect current tastes and trends.

And we will let you know when government building regulations and requirements change so that you’re always in compliance.


L+M emphasizes cost effective, efficient services and comprehensive solutions. But sometimes our solutions, while still cost effective, offer an unexpected approach, because we don’t believe in “one size fits all” fixes. And that’s where innovation comes in.

It can vary from constructing a resilient replacement boiler system underground, below a housing complex’s public space because placing one on top of each 20-story building wasn’t cost-effective – or feasible. Or it means suspending a new roof from a luxury building’s columns because the significant repairs for the current roof would involve rebuilding all of the top floor apartments.

These aren’t the expected solutions, but once looked at, are the “of course” answers to each of these building challenges. That is the approach we bring to every client’s project.


Our work renewing existing structures is inherently sustainable and we maintain that approach with all of the decisions we make throughout each project. That includes the upgrading of structures, energy audits, new design and long-term building condition reports.


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